South African Defense Force Pattern '83 Battle Jacket

South African Defense Force Pattern '83 Battle Jacket


Country of Origin: South Africa

The real deal, South African Defence Force Pattern 1983 Battle Jackets! Loaded with features, that made it a favourite with legendary units including the SADF Parabats, 32 Battalion, and later use with Executive Outcomes PMC Operators. These are a particularly rare piece, and in exceptionally good condition for military surplus, get yours before they're gone!

  • Genuine South African Defence Force Battle Jacket in Nutria Brown

  • Circa late 1980s production

  • Iconic South African Tactical Vest Style

  • 5x double mag pouches for 5.56mm magazines (STANAG, P-Mags, etc.)

  • 1x large front pouch

  • 2x large grenade pouch

  • 1x extra large backpack pouch

  • 2x large auxiliary/canteen pouch (right side)

  • Fully adjustable

  • Very (very) sexy, and high LCF ("look-cool-factor")

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