South African Defence Force Nutria Brown Shirt

South African Defence Force Nutria Brown Shirt


Country of Origin: Republic of South Africa (pre-1994)

The standard issue South African Defense Force Nutria Brown shirt did an exceptional job in the South African Border Wars. The durable cotton-polyester mix fabric kept away crud and the scorching Transvaal sun. Own your own geniune unissued piece of African Bush War history, because once they're gone, they're done!

These shirts are from various manufacturers of the same cut, and all from the early 1980s. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

Sizing Guide: 

  • Small: 32-34 inch chest
  • Medium: 36-38 inch chest
  • Large: 40-42 inch chest
  • Extra Large: 44-46 inch chest

Note: This item is not considered military surplus as per our return policy as it was never issued, however it is still an authentic piece of military equipment. 

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