East German People's Army Strichmuster Raindrop Shirt

East German People's Army Strichmuster Raindrop Shirt


Country of Origin: East Germany (defunct Commies!)

Utilized by the East German People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee), the Struchmuster or "raindrop" pattern was first developed as the standard issue cammies in 1965 by some godless Eastern Bloc commies. This interesting Warsaw Pact was noted to have found it's way to Africa through the Soviet support of various communist anti-colonial forces. Ironically, this would lead to the uniform being observed as used by the Rhodesian Selous Scouts in "pseudo-ops" as they blended in with these forces, and slotted floppy. 

Overall, an interesting piece of kit with some very non-standardized pocket. They're a bit older, but still in outstanding quality as far as milsurp is concerned. Own a piece of history today, as these uniform bits become scarcer!

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Sizing Guide

  • Size 44 (Small) - 34 inch chest
  • Size 48 (Medium) - 37 inch chest
  • Size 52 (Large) - 41 inch chest

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