Reflections on 3 Years of Fireforce Ventures

Hopefully it's somewhat forgivable that we don't post here very often, given the events that have transpired since the chaos of November 2018. After the initial roughness, things have at last started to stabilize as I write this on behalf of the Fireforce Ventures crew on the eve of the company's third anniversary. Fireforce Ventures began as a experiment by three friends back in 2016, inside the dingy basement of one of their parents. What it is now, is radically bigger and crazier, having attracted it's share of trouble along the way.

Fireforce Ventures has braved project failures, "sperg-lords", international sanctions, media spats and controversy. We've survived it all, still monetizing off what we're doing, giving our local crew solid wages, and ever growing.

July 7th is a big day for us, and we'd like you to reflect with us by telling the story so far. It’s a story in several chapters, that we are compiling here for everyone to see.

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