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United States Marine Corps Grey All-Weather Greatcoat

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Part Number: USMCGAWGC
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Country of Origin: United States of America

'Rah! Great coats, for the greatest service!

These excellent are Department of Defence contractor surpluses and in damn near new condition. Issued primarily to members of the United States Marine Corps as an all-weather service greatcoat to be worn with the class C "Charlie" service uniforms while on active duty. Stunningly good looking with khakis and olive drab, they have made other American service branches suffer uniform envy for many decades.

The greatcoat itself features an aesthetic double breasted 3-button closure system, a top button for collar closure shoulder epaulets, hand pockets, and a looped cotton belt to cinch down excess material. The heavyweight construction allows it to be worn as a standalone, as it has an additional thin layer of insulation sewn right into the great coat. However, with a right amount of sleuthing or ingenuity, you can easily acquire a fitting liner to align with the internal buttons of this greatcoat.

This is probably one of the gucchi-est pieces of kit we have considering that certain fashion companies have copied this design, cut the workmanship quality in half, and sold it at triple the price. Well worth the light expense, and we guarantee you will get some great bang for you buck (in more ways than one, wink wink).

Just don't wear a fedora and pretend you're Inspector Gadget outside of playgrounds when you're in public with this coat!

Sizing Guide: 

  • Small: 36-38 inch chest, 5'6-5'8 height
  • Medium: 38-40 inch chest, 5'9-5'11 height
  • Large: 40-42 inch chest, 6'0-6'2 height
  • Extra-Large: 42-44 inch chest, 6'1-6'3 height
  • Extra Extra-Large: 44-46 inch chest, 6'4+ height

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Note: This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details. 

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