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US Office of Civil Defense Original Fallout Shelter Signs - 14" x 10"

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A great addition to your home decor, to confuse your baby boomer relatives!

These original Fallout Shelter signs were stockpiled from the Cold War by the Office of Civil Defense for placement outside nuclear fallout shelters. Designed to be placed outside one of the hundreds of thousands of enclosed spaces designed to withstand nuclear apocalypse, these signs were intentionally built to last. Unlike a lot of the lame tin replicas out there, these original signs are made from 25 gauge galvanized steel to withstand placement outdoors. The high contrast reflective paint is also designed to withstand the elements, and there are many examples of original signs that were placed outside of buildings up until the mid-2000s that maintained their colour. While some signs have cosmetic blemishes due to their age, all of the available stock still retain very sharp design features and the orange-yellow background remains very reflective.

These signs date were likely manufactured anywhere from the mid 1950s until official support and funding for fallout shelters ended in the 1970s when the responsibilities for the Office of Civil Defense were taken over by FEMA. Nowadays, these signs are a poignant reminder of life for Americans during the Cold War, and some of our customers might even recall scurrying under their desks at school as part of regularly occurring "nuke drills". 

These signs make for a great collector's piece for military and Cold War history enthusiasts, man-caves, or your own little "boogaloo" compounds!

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