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US Military Pandemic Flu Prepardness Kit

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Country of Original: United States of America

In keeping with our tradition of bringing in the weird and wonderful, we came into possession of a large number of these Pandemic Flu Prepardness Kits, issued out to Department of Defense beneficiaries. Apparently issued circa. 2008-2010 after an Avian Flu outbreak, the packs were handed out to many different Department of Defense establishments and families, before being surplused out in large numbers.

The packages are still in their original sealed package, with the US DoD logo emblazoned at the front. Each pack comes with a DoD information package, an 118mL bottle of Purrel branded hand sanitizer, two N95 respirator masks and four basic surgical masks. Basically everything you need to survive everything from the apocalyptic pestilence, to the next flu season!

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