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US Marine Corps Arid MARPAT Pants

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Country of Origin: United States of America

Following the example of the Canadian military which had pioneered the creation of a computer generated "digital" pattern in 1996, the United States Marine Corps followed suit with the development of their own digital pattern. Based on the Canadian CADPAT, the USMC began rolling out their distinctive woodland and arid digital MARPAT (Marine Pattern) uniforms beginning in 2001 to replace the older cammies of the late Cold War. The resulting pattern would remain the iconic look for Marines throughout the Global War on Terror and beyond, as it remains a current standard issue item.

This pant makes for a neat piece of kit for those crustier desert environments where the vegetation is dead and the bugs are swarming!

  • Bug resistance nylon cotton construction
  • BDU style button fly
  • Two hand slit pockets (just don't get caught with your hands in them)
  • Two large cargo pockets
  • Two buttoned arse pockets

Sizing Guide:




Small: 28-30 inch waist


Short: 30-32 inch inseam

Medium: 32-34 inch waist


Regular: 32-34 inch inseam

Large: 36-38 inch waist


Long: 32-34 inch inseam

Extra-Large: 40-42 in waist


Extra-Long: 35-39 inch inseam

Extra Extra-Large: 43-47 inch waist


Extra-Extra Long: 36-40 inch inseam

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