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US Army WW2 Reproduction D-Day "Cricket" Clicker

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"Flash.... THUNDER!"

Faithful reproduction of the "Cricket" clicker utilized by Allied troops parachuting into Normandy on 6 June 1944 during the Second World War. The simple metal clicker was activated by pressing the two thin pieces of aluminimum together, making a "snap" sound, and releasing to cause another "snap", making a distinctive noise similar to a cricket. 

They would only be utilized as a stealthy signalling device for the D-Day jump, as there were fears that these secretive little devices would fall into enemy hands and be used to confuse Allied forces into ambushes. As a result, most were discarded or destroyed after that "Day of Days", making originals pretty scarce. This faithful reproduction is great for reenactors, collectors, those looking for their own little "cricket" clicker to annoy friends, and folks simply looking for something to figit with. 

Each clicker comes with a detachable neck chain in a dog tag style!

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