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US Army UCP MOLLE Tactical Vest

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The official camouflage pattern of grandma's couch.... disgusting!

The US Universal Combat Pattern was first adopted as the US Army's first digital pattern in 2004, during the height of operations in the Middle East as a modernized camoflauge pattern to work in all environments. Designed as a re-colour of the United States Marine Corps' MARPAT, it was intended for use in a variety of environments from urban, to the jungle, to the desert. It worked nowhere. Despite being the iconic "look" of the US Army soldier during the 2000s, and the defining look of the GWOT warrior, it was virtually all phased out by 2014 in the regular army. A lackluster decade of a service later, and a pretty lame pattern. 

Constructed from a heavy duty Codura 1000D and fully adjustable as a one-size-fit-all vest, this tactical vest makes for an excellent starting point for making a relatively cheap and customizable battle rattle. Some are available with some extensive use and are caked with sand which actually provide for a fairly decent camouflage in contrast to the digital nightmare that is UCP.  This tactical vest still has some life in it despite some hard use making it perfect for a dye job to make the camouflage more functional. 

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