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US Army Olive Drab NBC Protection 2-Piece Suit

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Country of Origin: United States of America

*muffled noises from behind Gas Mask*

Inb4 Coronavirus profiteering! Get Wuhan ready!

Issued at the height of the cold war to American servicemen, this old-school nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) warfare is a bit past it's shelf life. We found out the hard way, having to unseal their original packaging and discovering a good number of the inner lining worn away despite never having been used. We painstakingly picked out the best ones with the internal charcoal lining still going strong after many decades of storage. 

Each NBC suit set will include both the two-pocket smock and two-pocket pants which are intended to be worn as oversuits. They are surprisingly comfortable and provide the wearer with a decent amount of flexibility despite a majority of NBC/CBRN gear being notoriously difficult to work with. The jacket has a hybrid zipper/button closure system which makes for decent insulation in cold weather conditions. The entire suit contains the original packaging which we unsealed prior to shipment to ensure cleanliness. 

These suits provide a decent amount of scent masking with the charcoal lining which makes it ideal for hunting. Despite there age, they likely still could be a decent piece of kit for preppers and military enthusiasts alike!  

Sizing Guide: 

  • Small: 36-38 inch chest, 5'6-5'8 height
  • Medium: 38-40 inch chest, 5'9-5'11 height
  • Large: 40-42 inch chest, 6'0-6'2 height
  • Extra-Large: 42-44 inch chest, 6'1-6'3 height
  • Extra Extra-Large: 44-46 inch chest, 6'4+ height
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