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US Army Night Desert Pattern Pants

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Country of Origin: United States of America 

"Alright you studs, let's bag ourselves some SCUDs!"

Original designed as an experiment in 1976 to defeat Soviet produced night vision equipment, the unique dark grid pattern of US Night Desert did just that. Intentionally designed to be a baggier over-trouser to compliment the desert battle dress uniform variations, the parka and pant components of Night Desert cammies would also provide an additional layer of insulation in cold desert nights. The pattern itself features a dark olive grid, with the occasional filled square superimposed onto a lighter olive shade.

It's utility and early effectiveness saw it being used by a variety of different Special Forces units, including alleged use by British and Australian SF units. Unfortunately, the uniquely designed night time pattern still had a lot of problems on operational service as soldiers would have to change in situ back into their original cammies at daybreak. The final nail in the coffin for night desert would come from advances in night vision technology which defeated the original purpose of the night desert camouflage. Despite usage into the First Gulf War, the pattern became fully obsolete as the 3 colour Desert Combat Uniform patterns with better infrared defeating technology came into service. 

A large number of these "night cammies" remain in the surplus market. We've even heard anecdotal stories of certain hapless rebel groups around the world being spun yarns (mind the pun) about how US Night Desert can defeat radar, infrared, night vision, x-rays, laser weapons and drones. Sadly, it can't, but that hasn't stopped them from buying these uniforms up!

These pants are designed as overpants, featuring a velcro fly, drawstring for waist adjustability, and two velcro faux hand pockets with intentionally clear channels so you can access your actual pocket underneath. Given their age, and the potential of rough use, there may be some slight fading marks on the pants themselves, but nothing really to compromise their serviceability. 

Stock is always running thin, due to the relatively short service life and specific in-theatre use of this pattern.  Due to the adjustable waist string, "manlets" and "big bois" alike should be able to fit into most of the stock we have available! Under the right conditions, the pattern will still keep you concealed and camouflaged, and completely invisible if your opfor is using pre-1980s night vision equipment! 

Sizing Guide:




Small: 28-30 inch waist


Short: 30-32 inch inseam

Medium: 32-34 inch waist


Regular: 32-34 inch inseam

Large: 36-38 inch waist


Long: 32-34 inch inseam

Extra-Large: 40-42 in waist


Extra-Long: 35-39 inch inseam

Extra Extra-Large: 43-47 inch waist


Extra-Extra Long: 36-40 inch inseam

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