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US Army M81 Woodland BDU Pants

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Country of Origin: United States of America

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It's an older pattern, but it checks out. Rock that pre-2002 National Guard look, and win the Cold War all over again! Lightly used US Army Woodland BDUs, seconded direct from the Department of Defense! First adopted in 1981 after years experimentation, this pattern served to replace the decades old olive drab uniforms that were well past their glory days. The pattern itself features four natural colours in shades of green and dark brown in a manner very similar to it's ERDL predecessor of Vietnam War fame. With many decades of development behind it, it's no surprise that these uniforms still work!

This standard 6-pocket BDU pant was the iconic look of the US Soldier and Marine from the early 1980s onwards to the beginning of the War on Terror. The BDU pant itself itself features concealed buttons, a classic buttoned fly, waist cinching straps and a comfortable nylon-cotton weave in the famous M83 Woodland pattern. 

Sizing Guide:




Small: 28-30 inch waist


Short: 30-32 inch inseam

Medium: 32-34 inch waist


Regular: 32-34 inch inseam

Large: 36-38 inch waist


Long: 32-34 inch inseam

Extra-Large: 40-42 in waist


Extra-Long: 35-39 inch inseam

Extra Extra-Large: 43-47 inch waist


Extra-Extra Long: 36-40 inch inseam

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