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US Army M1951 Wool Field Pants

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Country of Origin: United States of America

These are a great piece of kit that have stood the time for good reason! First issued to American GIs in 1951, these field shirts proved to be an incredible asset to the fighting man in the frigid cold of Korea. Having earned it's reputation as a critical piece of cold weather gear immediately upon it's adoption, these field pants would continue to see a service life well into the 1980s. 

Featuring a baggy construction, they allow the wearer a great deal of mobility without being too bulky. Unusually, they feature a convenient zipper fly which is not very common to other military trousers contemporary to these field pants. However much like other contemporary trousers, they do feature waist cinching straps and belt loops to prevent them from sagging at inopportune moments. They also feature a less itchy 80-20 wool-nylon mix which allows the wearer to a very strong insulating layer without compromising comfort. The two large buttoned pockets are the cherry on top, allowing you to fit all your field goodies within. Workable as a stand alone pant and excellent as an insulating pant, these pants are spectacular. 

Sizing Guide:




Small: 28-30 inch waist


Short: 30-32 inch inseam

Medium: 32-34 inch waist


Regular: 32-34 inch inseam

Large: 36-38 inch waist


Long: 32-34 inch inseam

Extra-Large: 40-42 in waist


Extra-Long: 35-39 inch inseam

Extra Extra-Large: 43-47 inch waist


Extra-Extra Long: 36-40 inch inseam

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Note: This product is not considered "Military Surplus Condition" as per our Shipping and Returns Policy as it is in new condition. However we can guarantee it is an authentic piece of military