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US Army M-1943/1951 Field Caps

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Country of Origin: United States 

Geniune surplus M-1943 and M-1951 US Army Field Caps, designed to be worn snug underneath an M1 helmet. They were a common sight on the heads of American GIs from the Normandy to the Chosin Resevoir. It was developed as a response to the inadequcies of the M-1941. Utilizing a windproof cotton santeen pattern, these field caps were quickly adopted and favoured prior to D-Day. Due to their popularity in temperate environments, and with the addition of flannel flaps which could be unrolled for chillier days, they continued to be utilized in the M-1951 pattern field cap.

Both variants of caps come in relatively rough shape, but remain completely servicable. They will both feature flannel lined flaps which could be pulled down over the ears for extra warmth, in conditions where a fur "pile cap" was not required. The M-1943 varation features an single piece visor, while the M-1951 variations feature reinforcement stitches on the visor. 

Like all geniune Second World War pieces, these are becoming exceptionally rare. Once they're gone, they're gone!

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