US Army GI Mess Kit - WW2/Vietnam Dated

US Army GI Mess Kit - WW2/Vietnam Dated

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Country of Origin: United States of America

"A'ight fellas, grab your chow now, and start walkin' towards Berlin"

From the beaches of Normandy to the rice patties of Vietnam, the GI always had his mess kit on him! The classic "mess kit" of the American GI, through the Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam can now be yours! Featuring the amazingly simple design, these well loved pieces of kit were favoured whenever a field kitchen was around for American soldiers and marines over many decades of war.

Amazingly, we managed to score a large number of these manufactured by "Regal", and dated from the 1940s, right up until the late 1960s. If only these damn mess kits could speak, and tell their stories! Each mess tin is constructed from aluminum that has stood the test of time (literally), and features the simple two piece construction. The top lid component has a two tier "tactical" food divider system goin' on, and the bottom has additional space for food with a long carry handle (that incidentally doubles as your mess kit locking mechanism). When you put 'em together, you've got an excellent, compact piece of kit, perfect for many more adventures in the years to come!

We make sure that every mess kit is thoroughly washed out and cleaned before shipment, but we highly recommend that you do some additional cleaning to ensure that these kits are safe to eat out of given their age. The fact we scored a lot is amazing from this era as originals become more scarce - once they're gone, they're gone!

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