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US Army 6 Colour "Chocolate Chip" BDU Pants

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Country of Origin: United States of America

"The Flag, Mom's Apple Pie....and chocolate chips!"

The legendary US 6-colour desert pattern, better known by it's designation as the "chocolate chip" cammies were first conceptualized in 1971 and inspired by the deserts of California. The unique combination of 6 colours includes a mix of tans, with a dark brown and black-white combination "chocolate chips" which feature prominently - allowing the wearer a great deal of camouflage in rocky desert environments. The pattern saw extensive use by US forces during their involvement in Lebanon, the First Gulf War, and Somalia, making it perhaps the most defining iconic colours of the US military during the tail end of the Cold War and the "New World Order" of the 1990s. 

While the US retired the pattern for the most part after the First Gulf War when the 3-colour desert pattern became more widespread, the pattern's unique look made it still quite suited to desert environments. For that reason, it can still be seen in use by nations as diverse as China, Iran, Egypt, Eritrea, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. 

Each uniform pant is designed in the standard battle dress uniform style, with two large double buttoned cargo pockets, two hand pockets and a classic buttoned fly. Due to the short operational service life of this pattern, the numbers of these "chocolate chip" cammies are quickly declining, so grab yours while you can!

Sizing Guide:
  • Small-Short: 31 inch waist, 29 inch inseam
  • Small-Regular: 31 inch waist, 31 inch inseam

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