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Swiss Army TAZ83 Alpenflauge Shirt

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Country of Origin: Switzerland

Developed from the original 1950s era "Vierfruchtpyama" (literally "four fruit pajamas") pattern of the Swiss Army, and marketed as "Alpenflauge", the TAZ83 variant is a revision of this classic pattern. First introduced in 1983, this pattern is pretty darn snazy, and works well in a variety of environments, particularly during late summer and through to early winter in temperate climates.

The shirt itself is full of features, revolutionary as far as 1980s milsurp is concerned. It comes with a front zipper, two double snap button pockets, a left arm snap button pocket, and cuff zippers. Additionally, the shirts have two particularly "thic-c" belt loops that can be used for tunic belts, stable belts, or even duty belts for more ambitious operators! 

Grab your own space age cammies, direct from the quartermasters of the Swiss Alps, and in immaculate condition for military surplus!

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