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Swedish Army M40 Block Flashlight

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Part Number: SAM40FL
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Country of Origin: Sweden

Basic old school block flashlights, first issued during to Sweden's neutral army during the Second World War. These nifty little flashlights found some heavy inspiration in terms of  their design and engineering from similar flashlights of the era. The flashlights bear a particularly striking similarity those utilized by the German Wehrmacht, if you'd excuse the Swedish markings on them. 

Don't let their age fool you, these flashlights were designed with utility in mind. They can be easily mounted on one's field shirt with two large button hole straps, or worn around a belt/headlamp strap with a reinforced leather loop at the rear. The main switch allows you to click the light on temporarily, which functioned to allow soldiers to utilize this flashlight for morse code. For administrative purposes, the light can be left on simply pressing and turning on the switch, and vice versa for a full shut down. For more tactical situation requiring light discipline, this flashlight comes with a unique "blackout light" window, which can be activated by pushing the central tab at the front of the body upwards.  

All flashlights come with a spare bulb attached inside the light, in addition to a main bulb. These flashlights may require some tinkering to get working, Will accept a standard 4.5 volt square block battery, consult your local electronics hobby store or an older European relative for help on that. 

A decent stand in piece for most re-enactors of various eras, and still pretty damn useful over seven decades after they were first adopted. The Swedes do make some pretty good stuff!

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