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Soviet Guards Army Hip Flask

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"Za zdarovje!"

The Bolshevik successors to the Imperial Tsarist Guards units proved their mettle in the vicious fighting of the Eastern Front and were widely recognized as the elite of the Soviet Army during the Second World War. In 1942, they were awarded the distinctive Guards insignia which featured a small red banner with "Gvardiya" ("Guards") emblazoned in golden letters. Throughout their existance in the Soviet Union, they fielded a whooping 11 Guard Armies and 6 Guard Tank Armies. Due to their legendary status and combat prowess, the current Russian Federal Republic and many former Soviet states still designate their elite troops as "Guards".

Pay tribute to this elite body of violent Slavic men with a little bit of hooch!

Stainless steel construction, and very lightweight. Holds 180mL of liquid encouragement.

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