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South African UDF Pattern 1903 Bandolier (1940s Dated - Original)

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Country of Origin: South Africa

The Pattern 1903 was a standard issue leather bandolier, utilized by various Commonwealth forces prior to the First World War, and saw an extensive service life even after horse mounted cavalry had been more or less rendered irrelevant. These particular bandoliers were issued to cavalrymen in the South African Union Defence Force (the predecessor of the SADF) in the early 1940s, either as reserve webbing or for ceremonial duties. 

If only they could tell their stories! 

Each of these bandoliers are unique, featuring various tell-tale signs of their South African origins including proof marks, regiments, ranks, service numbers, and the surnames of cavalrymen. As per the standard layout of the P1903 Mk. 1 bandolier system, they are buckle adjusted and designed to carry up to 50 rounds of clipped Lee Enfield .303 ammunition (2 clips of 5 per pouch). The pouches are double brass button closured, and the leather on all of them are quite well worn, still allowing for a high degree of functionality. 

We are blown away by how lucky we are, having come into these, as most of what's available in the market are poor reproductions and often labelled as the "Star Wars Jawa" bandolier. These are the real deal, and each quite honestly, belongs "in a museum" as the saying goes. These are an absolute must have for any serious militaria collector, reenactor, or enthusiast as originals are incredibly scarce. Once they're gone, they're probably gone for good! 

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