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South African Defence Force M63 "Staaldak" Helmet

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Country of Origin: South Africa (pre-1994)

A milsurp find that is becoming extremely hard to find, and probably will never be restocked! 

Based off the French M51 helmets, the M63 "Staaldak" replaced the British Brodie helmets which had been in service in South Africa up until the early 1960s. It saw extensive use by all-ranks and officers of the SADF during the South African Border War. There was also significant numbers of these helmets seen in service during the Rhodesian Bush War by members of the security forces, primarily issued to units with airborne capabilities. 

As per many steel helmets of the era, they are constructed with an external steel shell, plastic liner and an internal leather cradle system with adjustable "D" rings on both sides. They also were initially issued with a rear yoke which sometimes has not survived the years, but luckily for us all of the rear yokes appear to be present and functional. The suspension system of this helmet makes it fully adjustable for width and height, allowing for fit onto most head sizes. 

Given the extensive use and age of these helmets, they are in relatively rough condition with visible surface rust and paint stains. Who knows what the South African troopies were up to with these helmets, the dents and dings could have been from contacts in Rhodesia, jumps into Angola, or the result of some "encouragement" from tough-love Afrikaans speaking NCOs. If only these helmets could tell their stories!

These helmets are ideal for military collectors looking for a particularly "gnarly" piece of memorabilia, enthusiasts looking for a project to show some love, or reenactors looking to reenact the South African Border Wars. Even though these helmets have certain seen better days, it's unlikely we'll see these around for very long!

Condition Guide:
  • Super Grade: Straps and internal liner is in excellent condition, helmet has limited external blemishes
  • Grade 1: Straps and internal liner is in good usable condition, helmet may have cosmetic bumps, blemishes or paint marks
  • Grade 2: Straps or internal liner is no longer functional, or shell displays extreme signs of wear and tear

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