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South African Defence Force Jersey Wool Sweater

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Country of Origin: South Africa 

Cozy for colder conditions and not as itchy as other wool blends, the South Africans remained the premier kit maker throughout the 90s. While other countries had less than optimal commando sweaters for garrison conditions, the South African produced Jersey Wool sweater was light years above the rest. 

This excellent sweater features a blended wool construction, with reinforced polyester elbows and shoulder epaulettes. The cuffs and waist are both knitted for a solid aesthetic fit, making it ideal as a standalone sweater or to be worn over South African uniform components. Look the part of a garrison warrior wooly-bully. 

Sizing Guide (based on actual chest measurements):
  • Size 92: 36-38 inch chest
  • Size 122:  40-42 inch chest
  • Size 127: 42-44 inch chest
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Note: This product is not considered "Military Surplus Condition" as per our Shipping and Returns Policy as it is in new condition, however it is still an authentic piece of military equipment. 

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