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South African 32 Battalion Tribute Patch

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"Proelio Procusi" - Forged in Battle!

The South African Defence Force 32 Battalion earned the nickname "Os Terríveis" (Portuguese for "The Terrible Ones") for good reason during the South African Border War.

The unit was founded in 1975 initially by a ragtag crew of former FNLA (National Liberation Front of Angola) and South African soldiers.  A unique special forces unit in history, it's ranks would be bolstered by everyone from black Angolans, expatriate Portuguese, and white South Africans. They fought as both a conventional, and unconventional force against communist forces throughout the Border War.

They became the most decorated unit in the history of the South African Defence Forces, winning a whooping 13 Honoris Crux medals, the highest award for combat gallantry. Among their ranks was the legendary Portuguese tracker Danny Roxo, and many men who would later found the nucleus of private military contracting groups such as Executive Outcomes and Sandline International.

This patch, with the unit insignia superimposed onto 32 Battalion's signature" summer pattern" camouflage, is our tribute to these gallant men, and to all those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Produced in the standard 2x3" size with hook velcro backing, identical in specification to milspec flag patches.

Patch features the 32 Battalion Buffalo insignia and motto "Proelio Procusi" superimposed over 32 Battalion summer pattern camoflauge. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!