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Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Flag (3x5')

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Cue the mid-1990s VHS tapes of techno music, slavic screeching, machine guns and war crimes!

The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was a mosaic of random Balkan states that formed as spectacularly as it collapsed. It is most known for the dramatic Yugoslav Wars as it disintegrated into various independent states which still all seem to hate each other well into the present day. The flag itself represents with the red, white and blue (sorry Ameri-fats) the unity of the Slavic peoples. It also features an rather obnoxious red star, obviously representative of the socialist regime under Josep "Bruh" Broz Tito. 

Own this unique piece of history, and complete the look of your Slav-shit inspired man-cave! 

Standard 3x5' polyester flag, with two brass rings. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!