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Slovakian Army M97 Woodland Hat

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Country of Origin: Slovakia

"Pravda vítazí!"

Officially designated as the vz. 1997 pattern, this unique Slovakian woodland pattern is sometimes referred to as "brightened woodland". Taking a lot of inspiration from the US M81 Woodland pattern, it takes similar shapes and colour schemes with a slight increase in brightness to create this solid camo pattern. 

They dirt cheap caps make for an excellent piece of general duty gear, with a basic visor and camoflauge scheme! 

Sizing Guide: 

  • 54 cm - 6 3/4 inches diameter 
  • 56 cm- 7 inches diameter 
  • 58 cm - 7 1/4 inches  diameter 
  • 60 cm - 7 1/2 inches diameter 
  • 62 cm - 7 3/4 inches diameter 

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