Terms of Service 

Service Misuse & Refusal  

 We fully believe and support freedom of speech, but we have a vested interested in protecting the very existence of our business as there have been many attempts to de-platform and de-monetize us. As such, we reserve the right to refuse service to customs who display conduct considered to be a "misuse of service". We characterize "misuse of service" here at Fireforce Ventures as follows:   

  1. Contacting Fireforce Ventures staff or proprietors with hostile behavior that is abusive in nature, and/or intends to degrade an individual based on personal attributes, including age, race, nationality, disability, family status, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.  
  2. Affiliating a third-party organization such as a political party or advocacy group with Fireforce Ventures if there is no legal or business connection. 
  3.  Conducting any fraudulent or deceptive practices while conducting any business with Fireforce Ventures.   
  4. Defamatory comments on erroneous grounds about the nature of the business conducted at Fireforce Ventures, and/or products offered at Fireforce Ventures.  

We reserve the right to refuse service to any individuals who have exercised the above behaviors. This includes everything from order cancellations to temporary/permanent bans from accessing our website, social media, or Buyer's Club platforms.