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Russian SSO M1 Sumrak "Partizan" Pattern Suits

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Country of Origin: Russia 

"Hostage? What is hostage? I do not know this word..."

A truly legendary piece of modern Russian military apparel, windproof and extremely comfortable in a variety of settings. Not to mention, it's in the wacky but very effective Russian-German flecktarn love-child "Partizan" pattern.

This outstanding lightweight Sumrak or "twilight" set of a buttoned jacket and pants was developed for the Russian SSO ("Sily spetsial’nykh operatsii") or Special Operations Forces. It;s all neatly bundled for you in an extra Slavic, OD green draw string bag. This utilitarian suit is outstanding as both a standalone uniform suit, or can be utilized as an outer camoflauge layer during winter operations. 

Sizing Guide (based on actual body measurement):
  • Size 44-3: 34 inch chest, 30 inch waist, short overall length
  • Size 48-4: 38 inch chest, 34 inch waist, medium overall length
  • Size 52-4: 42 inch chest, 38 inch waist, medium overall length
  • Size 56-5: 45 inch chest, 42 inch waist, long overall length
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