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Russian Army URSUS KLM Sunray Pants

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Country of Origin: Russia

A truly legendary piece of modern Russian military apparel, windproof and extremely comfortable in a variety of settings. These KLM (kamuflirovannyi komplekt) suits feature the Berezkha "birch" pattern, better known for it's historical designations in the West as Soviet "Sunray" or "Stairstep" pattern. First adopted in 1975, the pattern is widely recognized as "the pattern" for Russian forces, despite a wide variety of camoflauge variations. 

New manufactured with a paired shirt, this battle tested uniform jacket is manufactured by the Russian military contractor, URSUS Company, and can be worn as a base pant or as an overlayer. It is an exceptional simple design, with an elasticated waistband/leg cuffs and 2 hand pockets, making it very lightweight. From Afghanistan to Donbass, it's no surprise that you'll see KLMs in this pattern used!

These pants are quite stretchy and fit a wide range of sizes, and the inseam can easily be bloused up with the elasticated leg. Just leave it to the Russians for a one size fit most solution! 

We had a hell of a time bringing these outstanding uniforms in, as they come direct from "the source", in Russian. International politics always makes things tricky, but we're willing to go through hell and back to bring you guys some dank kit direct from the most remote places in the world! However, we never know when our suppliers might literally disappear, so grab 'em while you can! 

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