Russian Army BARS Gorka-3 OD Pants

Russian Army BARS Gorka-3 OD Pants

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Country of Origin: Russia

Geniune Russian Gorka-3 suit pants, manufactured by BARS Company, a Russian military contractor. These suits are in a two tone olive drab/khaki combination, and surprisingly effective despite their simplicity. They are an older model jacket in contrast to more recent Gorka-4 suits, but still see regular service in Eastern Europe. They were most recently seen used by both Russian and Ukrainian aligned forces in the war in Donbass. 

These pants feature belt loops, a buttoned fly, two suspender loops at the hip, two large buttoned cargo pockets, a buttoned arse pocket, an adjustable waist and blousing straps at the bottom of the pants.

Sizing Guide (based on actual size measurements):

  • 48-3: 32-34 inch waist, Approx. 5'6-5'8 tall
  • 52-4: 34-36 inch waist, Approx. 5'9-5'11 tall

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