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Royal Irish Regiment Flag (3x5')

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The continuation of Irish warriors fighting under the British crown since 1689, the Royal Irish Regiment carried a lot of history behind it upon it's formation in 1992. The modern inception of this unit was birthed with the amalgamation of the Royal Irish Rangers and Ulster Defence Regiment at the tail end of the troubles in Northern Ireland. It carried the legacy of Irish regiments fighting under the British Crown since the Williamite War of the 18th century, with a distinguished battle record stretching through the wars of Empire, the Great War, World War II, and beyond. The modern unit continues to distinguish itself as the warriors of old, through conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Own the flag of this unique unit, with a special places in the collective memories of those in Northern Ireland, and the Irish diaspora around the world! 

Standard 3x5' polyester flag, with two brass rings. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!