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Royal Canadian Air Force FR Tan Heli-Crew Pant

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Country of Origin: Canada

Top notch kit surplused from the Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter crews, specifically for operational use in arid environments such as Afghanistan. It remains in use by various aircrew and air security officers, and most recently saw operational use in Iraq and Mali. Given that these were purpose built for operational use, they constructed with fire resistance and utility in mind.

These pants were aboard everything from Griffons to Chinooks, and may have even spent sometime flying Canada's Special Forces aboard the Mi-17 (then designated as the CH-178, look it up). They are an outstanding work pant and far superior to many other flight-crew bottoms that we've come across.

  • Fire resistant nylon-cotton construction
  • Belt loops
  • Document clip at leg
  • Two slit hand pockets
  • Two large velcro flap arse pockets
  • Two large zippered auxillary pocket at knees
  • Knee storage square
  • Secondary zippered auxillary pocket at knee
  • Zippered leg cuffs

Canadian Height Conversions

Height in Inches

Length in Feet/Inches

67 inches - Short

5'6 - 5'8

70 inches - Regular

5'9 - 5'11

73 inches - Long

6'0 - 6'2

76 inches - Extra Long

6'3 - 6'5

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