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At long last, the ball is rolling again on R&D. Expect some R&D updates here, and on the web blog. I have previously mentioned that I've been working on a Rhodesian/South African themed footwear project. Additionally, as mentioned in the Guilded exclusive update preceding this one, I've also been working on Rhodesian P-69 webbing, and SADF P-73 webbing. As far as webbing is concerned, by the end of the year, I hope to make the following items regular inventory: 

  •  Rhodesian Pattern 1969 Belts 
  • Rhodesian Pattern 1969 Yoke 
  • Rhodesian Pattern 1969 Pouch 
  • SADF Pattern 73 Pouch 
  • SADF Pattern 73 Bino/Utility Pouch SADF 
  • Pattern 73 Canteen Pouch 
  • Rhodesian North Chest Rig - revised with better colors, and construction

Bear in mind, this a mock-up using whatever materials are available at the factory at present, to get us an idea of the build - so the sample is NOT reflective of the final product. There's lots of fine details, including the nature of the stippling throughout the boot, the sew tape, the laces, and the overall shape that will have to be revised in the final product (see the picture of the original reference on the right). 

However, it's a fairly good start for testing and QC purposes. The canvas also looks very promising so far. Now, as far as webbing is concerned, the big delay has been getting the colors correct. We were so concerned about this that we ended up just going ahead and sending original Rhodesian and South African webbing for one of our OEM partners to reference. The results thus far have been slow moving to ensure the color is correct, but I think it's been worth the wait:

The colors look absolutely on point (see the original pouch overlayed onto the canvas webbing), and we can't wait to start seeing completed rigs/pouches. Given that original Pattern 69 and 73 cost an arm and a leg for re-enactors, this will be a much better alternative for those wanting the full "Troopie" experience.

 For those of you that are adventurous, y'all could even jerry-rig this stuff onto modern MOLLE webbing/PCs. The sky's the limit! Hopefully this has been some good R&D content for your viewing pleasure - I promise, there will FINALLY be more to follow. 

Thanks again as always for staying tuned!



Date 4/10/2024

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