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Rhodesian Fereday and Sons Reproduction Backpack

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Country of Origin: Rhodesia

Faithful reproduction of the Fereday and Sons canvas bag of the Rhodesian Bush War, originally manufactured in Salisbury. This bag was designed as a compliment to the standard issue Rhodesian webbing, to allow the soldier to carry everything from rat packs and canteens to spare ammo and grenades. Tihs compact, yet effective little bag works very well in the classroom or the bush!

Features adjustable shoulder straps, low valise straps and a number of pockets:

  • One large sized 12x3 inch main compartment pocket
  • Two medium sized 6x5 inch main compartment pockets
  • Two small sized 4x6 inch side pockets

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Note: Tactical goodies in the photo not included with your bag, sorry! Get your own!