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Rhodesian "Crippled Eagles" Tribute Patch

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“Pin those medals upon my chest, tell Ian Smith I did my best!” - Sergeant Hugh C. McCall, a “Crippled Eagle” in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. Killed in action, 1979

“Crippled Eagles” Roll of Honour:

  • Corporal J.A Cooey, RSAS and RLI, KIA 1976 - first American to be killed in Rhodesia

  • Trooper G.W Clarke, RLI, KIA 1977 - USMC Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart recipient

  • Trooper Frank P. Battaglia, RSAS and RLI, KIA 1978 - US Army Vietnam and Spanish Foreign Legion veteran

  • Trooper Joseph Patrick Byrne, RLI, KIA 1978 - The tragic circumstances of his death noted in Chris Cocks’ book “Fireforce”

  • Sergeant H.J McCall, RLI, KIA 1979 - US Army Vietnam veteran

  • Trooper S.M Dwyer, RLI, KIA 1979 - USMC veteran, killed rushing to the aide of the morally wounded Sergeant McCall

This patch is Fireforce Ventures’ tribute to the “Crippled Eagles”, the nickname for the American volunteers who served in the Rhodesian Bush War. The name was coined by author Robin Moore, who offered as house as a meeting place for Americans who had volunteered for service in Rhodesia.

Some of these young men would become Rhodesia’s most decorated soldiers, having already seen combat in Vietnam. Despite many attempts to defame their heroics as “mercenary work”, every single one of these men came voluntarily, enlisted, underwent basic training and received a regular army pay. There were no “Rambo” delusions in Rhodesia for these men, they went to fight international communism.

Produced in the standard 2x3" size with hook velcro backing, identical in specification to milspec flag patches.

Patch features the unofficial insignia of the Rhodesian “Crippled Eagles” superimposed over a stylized American flag and Rhodesian Brushstroke. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!