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Rhodesian Brushstroke "Woobie" Poncho Liner

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The Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern is legendary, from it's inception during the Rhodesian Bush War, to later service throughout Africa, a variant to this day remains the standard camo of the Zimbabwean Army. At one point, the pattern was noted as being so effective that it was in contention to replace the M83 Woodland pattern for the United States Marine Corps. We printed this amazing pattern on an equally amazing piece of kit!

Designed as the standard multi-purposed thick polyester poncho liner, it can double as a blanket liner just as easily as an invaluable piece of kit for camming up and being a super sneaky sniper type. It is perfect as a small bed-sheet or blanket for the outdoors, and includes a Rhodesian Brushstroke drawstring carrying sack with a pull tab at the bottom.

Most importantly, this piece of kit is scaled correctly for the possible aesthetic, while remaining an extremely cozy piece of kit!

Poncho liner measures 60 inches by 70 inches when fully laid out.

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