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Rhodesian Brushstroke Operator Boonie (Pre-Order)

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PRE-ORDERS CLOSED! Stay tuned for this product to become regular stock!

The product images are digital mock ups, and your pre-order will be manufactured as your order is placed. Delivery will occur 90 days after your order, and we will only process and refunds/cancellations after this period. Any pre-order products you order will ship separately from other products you may have ordered. We do not recommend ordering any products not including in our 2020 Rhodesian Brushstroke pre-order line up as this will likely increase your shipping cost.

Due to the high volume of orders, WE WILL NO LONGER ENTERTAIN ANY REQUESTS FOR SIZE CHANGES. Order correctly the first time please!

This special run of pre-orders is for the critical purpose of moving our company to the United States. The entire Fireforce Ventures team sincerely appreciate everyone's support in this regard. See you in Texas!

A legendary vintage in a modern cut, this is our bread and butter here at Fireforce Ventures. These modern cut Operator boonies feature a 60/40 cotton-poly ripstop blend. It is cut in alow profile short-brim which as become standard issue in many Western militaries.This boonie is a an absolute must-have for your next adventure in the boonies!


  •  60% cotton and 40% polyester rip-stop construction
  • Low profile brim
  • Ventilation grommets on both sides
  • Bungie neck cord
  • Utility loops

Rhodesian Brushstroke was the legendary pattern utilized during the Rhodesian Bush War from 1965-1979, incorporating an innovative combination of khaki, brown and green. It was designed as an indigenous Rhodesian pattern which was directly influenced by earlier “brushstroke” styled patterns including the Second World War-era Denison smocks. Developed from an earlier arid pattern by Di Cameron, it was manufactured in its distinctive green-over-brown Brushstroke by David Whitehead Textiles. Uniforms and jumpsuits in this pattern become synonymous with Rhodesia’s legendary Troopies and Masodja.

In 2001, the United States Marine Corps camouflage testing scored the old Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern to be extremely effective in various environments. As a testament to the lasting effectiveness of Rhodesian Brushstroke, the vintage pattern scored higher than many other contemporary patterns. After the Rhodesian Bush War, a brown-over-green pattern was adopted by the Zimbabwean National Army.

We’re proud to be replicating the pattern as a 1-to-1 scale copy of an original bolt of David Whitehead Textiles fabric dated circa. 1979. We are the only company accurately providing the pattern exactly as it was worn during the Rhodesian Bush War.

Sizing Guide:

  • Medium: 56-58cm
  • Large: 58-60cm
  • Extra Large: 60-62cm
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