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Rhodesian Brushstroke 0241 Tactical Pullover Smock

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Note: Orders placed in November were delayed due to production changes at 0241 Tactical - quality takes time! This product will be made to order.

After an endless stream of requests from our customers, we are proud to announce our exclusive collaboration with 0241 Tactical (https://0241tactical.com/) to have their amazing Tactical Pullover Smocks in our Rhodesian Brushstroke Camo™. Please note, all products are made to order by 0241 Tactical, and require approximately 8-10 weeks until we can deliver it to you. This product will be shipped separately from other products in your order, we do not recommend placing anything else in your cart to prevent potential shipping issues/confusion.

The Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern is legendary, from it's inception during the Rhodesian Bush War to later service throughout Africa. To this day, a variant of Rhodesian Brushstroke to this day remains the standard camo of the Zimbabwean Army. At one point, the pattern was noted as being so effective that it was in contention to replace the M83 Woodland pattern for the United States Marine Corps. We're proud to be one of the few places to be selling this faithful reproduction!

See for yourself, why this pattern's effectiveness was so legendary!

These outstanding smocks are full of features, including:

  • 100% heavyweight cotton construction based off original bolt of wartime Rhodesian Brushstroke fabric
  • Made in America w/ 0241Tactical label 
  • Large buttoned auxiliary chest pocket
  • Two buttoned medium shoulder pockets w/ velcro paneling
  • "Hoodie" Tube Style Hand Pockets at Front and Rear

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. We're proud to be THE ONLY company manufacturing products in the original Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern based off an original bolt of David Whitehead Textiles 2nd Pattern fabric from 1979.

Sizing Guide (please advise note if longer length is requested):
  • Small: 34-36 inch chest, 5'6-5'8 height
  • Medium: 38-40 inch chest, 5'9-5'11 height
  • Large: 42-44 inch chest, 6'0-6'2 height
  • Extra Large: 46-48 inch chest, 6'1-6'3 height
  • Extra-Extra Large: 50-54 inch chest, 6'1-6'3 height
  • Extra-Extra-Extra Large: 56+ inch chest, 6'1-6'3 height

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!