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Rhodesian Army Reproduction FAL Chest Rig - Tan

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Country of Origin: Rhodesia

Faithful reproduction of the infamous 4 pouch, canvas, FN FAL chest rig originally produced by Fereday and Sons of Salisbury, Rhodesia!

These rigs are constructed from a weave and colour of canvas authentic to those used during the Rhodesian Bush War as the premier after market chest rig, featuring four magazine pouches, two auxilary loops, and the x-cross harness, now oftened ubiquitously known as "Rhodesian style". The Magazine pouches are button closure, and fit most milspec 20 round 5.56mm or 7.62NATO magazines. The magazine pouches are fitted to be 6 inches deep, and 3.5 inches across. Chest Rigs sized to be 56" across, so one size should fit most!

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