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Rhodesian Army Brushstroke Field Trousers

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Country of Origin: Rhodesia 

The Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern is legendary, from it's inception during the Rhodesian Bush War, to later service throughout Africa, a variant to this day remains the standard camo of the Zimbabwean Army. At one point, the pattern was noted as being so effective that it was in contention to replace the M83 Woodland pattern for the United States Marine Corps.

We're proud to now offer this outstanding pattern, reproduced in the same cut that was issued to members of the Rhodesian Security Forces. Featuring the original 7 pocket configuration, large buttoned belt loops and a buttoned fly, these pants look the part to complete your set of Rhodesian Brushstroke!

We lightened the density of the fabric from the original heavyweight twill cotton to a more lightweight polycotton for maximum comfort, while still looking that part. Otherwise, this is the closest piece of kit you can own other than an extremely overpriced original that you'd feel bad rocking in the bush! 

We are extremely proud to be reproducing a piece of military history! We are extremely proud to be reproducing a piece of military history! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. We're proud to be THE ONLY company manufacturing products in the original Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern based off an original bolt of David Whitehead Textiles 2nd Pattern fabric from 1979.

Sizing Guide:
  • Small-Regular: 31” waist – 30” inseam – 10” seat
  • Small-Long: 31” waist – 34” inseam – 10” seat
  • Medium-Regular: 34” waist – 32” inseam – 10.5” seat
  • Medium-Long: 34” waist – 36” inseam – 10.5” seat
  • Large-Regular: 37” waist – 34” inseam – 11” seat
  • Large-Long: 37” waist – 36” inseam – 11” seat
  • Extra Large-Regular: 40” waist – 36” inseam – 11.5” seat
  • Extra Extra Large - Regular: 42” waist – 36” inseam – 11.5” seat
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