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Republic of Katanga Patch

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The story of Katanga was a tragic one. Under the leadership of the Katangan leader Moise Tshombe, they recognized that an independent Congo in the 1960s was a chaotic land, ruled by inept tyrants, backed by Soviet arms, and the Katangans unanimously decided on secession. 

Their ragtag army, led by European mercenaries held the line, to preserve what was one of the most stable, religious tolerant, and racially harmonious societies in Africa. To the outside world at the time, including the United Nations, they were denounced as neo-imperialists, and thousands of UN peacekeepers poured into Katanga supporting the Soviet armed Congolese army, exiling Tshombe, and causing untold scores of civilian casualties and irreparable damage to the region's infrastructure. Within a few years of Katanga's capitulation, the Congo had completely collapsed after crisis and rebellion to become notorious state of Zaire. 

This patch is our tribute to a generation of Africans, from all backgrounds who fought to preserve peace, stability and a future for their children. Fireforce Ventures is proud to help in a way, preserve the history of a land and people marginalized by the historical narrative that stood their ground against all odds.

Produced in the standard 3x2" size with hook velcro backing, similar in specification to milspec unit patches.

We have faithfully reproduced the Katangese Crest, and superimposed it over Belgian Brushstroke camoflauge as a tribute to this once great state. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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