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Republic of China KMT Peak Hat w/ Insignia

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Country of Origin: Republic of China

Very high quality production Kuomintang (KMT) hats from the Republic of China, apparently from a theatre product ion the Far East (or perhaps even Opfor recognition work). 

Each peak cap features the white sun brass insignia of the KMT, with flourishes for some extra flare. It also includes a hat strap which can be utilized for aesthetics, or as a functional chin/yoke strap. The brim is extremely well constructed from reinforced leather, and the heavyweight construction of the peak cap and liner allow it stand the test of time. 

Sizing Guide:

  • 54 cm - 6 3/4 inches diameter 
  • 56 cm- 7 inches diameter 
  • 58 cm - 7 1/4 inches  diameter 
  • 60 cm - 7 1/2 inches diameter 
  • 62 cm - 7 3/4 inches diameter 

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