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Polish State Railways Traincar Sign - Communist Era

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Country of Origin: Polish People's Republic (defunct Commies!)

An army may march on it's stomach, but through most of the most intense periods of industrialized warfare in the 20th century, trains got 'em there! 

The Poles made sure to do that in style, adorning their State Railway train cars (translating to Polskie Koleje Panstwowe - hence the P.K.P. Abbreviation)! These signs were a relatively common sight on traincars throughout the period of Communist control in Poland, as indicated by the lack of the crown on the ubiquitous Polish Eagle. 

Forged and cut from heavy duty steel, these tough signs were remarkably well built, and have kept their colour and despite many decades of use. These absolutely remarkable signs can still be used as a wicked piece of home decor, or as a prized piece of a discerning collector.  

Since the collapse of communism, these signs somehow found their way to the military surplus market - but they have grown increasingly scarce. Once these are gone, they're gone!

These signs measure 9x7x0.5 inches, not too big, not too small, just enough to have your screaming "KURWA" when you see it hung up in all it's majesty on your wall! 

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