Polish People's Army wz. 70 Mess Kit

Polish People's Army wz. 70 Mess Kit

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Country of Origin: Polish People's Republic (defunct Commies!)

"Comrade! These pierogis are property of the state, dispense with them at once!"

An update to the older wz. 23/31 mess kit that had carried Polish forces through the Second World War, these mess kits were adopted in 1970 at the height of communist rule in Poland. Painted in a flaboyant "Commie green", they were built with to be extremely tough, with the mindset that Poland would be the flashpoint of Cold War tensions. You can't eat your Golabki if an evil, decadent, capitalist Yankee-doodle tank has flattened your mess kit after all!

These excellent mess kits are still in outstanding condition despite their age, and we quickly rinse 'em before shipment. They are constructed in two aluminium parts, both of which are dishwasher friendly, and measure 6 inches in width and approximately 5.5/2.5 inches in height respectively allowing for all your hoodies to fit within. The top lid cup component has a collapsable long stove handle (doubling as your lock mechanism) making it ideal for cooking, while the bottom has ample room and a two point carrying handle.

A great, and still very usable piece of antique kit for all your adventures in the bush - no matter what side of the Berlin wall you're on!

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