Polish Army wz89 Zaba "Puma" Gloves

Polish Army wz89 Zaba "Puma" Gloves

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Country of Origin: Polish People's Republic (defunct Commies!)

The wz89 Zaba or "frog" pattern (also nicknamed "Puma") was adopted as one of the final camoflauge patterns utilized by the former Polish People's Republic in 1989. As a result, it saw a very short service life and lots of surplus is out there, given that it showed up in Cold War numbers, at the tail end of the Cold War! Lots of it is still in great shape, as these outstanding lined gloves are in the pattern. 

The gloves are available in a variety of sizes, and can be utilized as a stand alone or outer glove, making them a top notch piece of kit in the winter months! On top of that, given the nature of the Puma pattern's adoption, they're barely used and some even come with the original tags! 

Sizing Guide:

  • Size 6 - Extra Small

  • Size 7 - Small

  • Size 8 - Medium

  • Size 9 - Large

  • Size 10 - Extra Large

  • Size 11 - 2XL

  • Size 12 - 3XL

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