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Polish Army wz89 Zaba "Puma" 50L Backpack

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Country of Origin: Polish People's Republic (defunct Commies!)

The wz89 Zaba or "frog" pattern (also nicknamed "Puma") was adopted as one of the final camouflage patterns utilized by the former Polish People's Republic in 1989. As a result, it saw a very short service life and lots of surplus is out there, given that it showed up in Cold War numbers, at the tail end of the Cold War! Lots of it is still in great shape, as reflect in the condition of these bags. 

This medium 50L sized backpack features a heavyweight construction with a large main compartment and rubberized bottom for basic waterproofing. The straps are a very basic 2 inch nylon strap that is fully adjustable to fit any body sizes and heights. Given the basic design of the bag, we feel a bit bad for the Polish conscripts who were issued this. This bag is ideal as a basic starter backpack, or neat Cold War era collector piece with a decent price point!

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