Plagues and Peasant Revolts, shit is getting medieval out there. 

Happy 2022, I guess. 

I figure I start the year with the first real "blog" styled post for you Buyer's Club folks. This one is pretty length, but 

I'd like to start off with an extremely nasty admission. Back when I started this little business in 2016, I told my fellow co-founders something along these lines:

"Yo, we could just get some dude on Alibaba to re-make Rhodesian Brushstroke shorts, and we could sell that."

I still shudder at that word - Alibaba. You may have heard of it as Jack Ma's business-to-business mega corporation and a recent victim of the benevolent People's Republic of China's draconian buggery. As a general rule, it is associated with cheap, low quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products that are sold at crazy low wholesale prices for foreign retailers. 

Back in those days, lots of money was burned trying to develop "Rhodesian Brushstroke". I won't bore details from you with all the attempts, but one that sticks out in my mind was a early 2017 attempt that cost us a $700USD "production deposit". 

The result?