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Outdoor Research Piledriver™ Gloves - Black

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Surplused out from former government contracts, these top notch gloves are an absolute treasure trove at a bargain! With limited availability, we're able to extend the savings to you!

These outstanding Outdoor Research Piledriver Gloves™ are ideal as a duty glove for military and law enforcement officers. They are also ideal for use by sport shooters in temperate conditions with it's well ventilated polyester shell design. Engineered to precurve with the contours of your hand perfectly, and additionally secured with an adjustable velcro closure, these hands will fit and stay secure under the worst of conditions. 

  • Lightweight ventilated polyester shell for moisture wicking and quick drying capabilities
  • Coated neoprene cuff secured by velcro hook and loop 
  • Water resistant goat leather padding palms for excellent grip capabilities
  • Molded knuckles for extra "fisting" abilities, and knuckle protection
Sizing Guide:
  • Small: 2.75 - 3 inches from base of pinky to index finger
  • Medium: 3 - 3.5 inches from the base of pinky to index finger
Given that these were all surplused out from government contracts, they are only available in size "Small" and Medium". However the gloves are still brand spankin' new and will be shipped with their original tags and packaging.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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