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Outdoor Research Overlord™ FR Short Gloves - Tan

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Surplused out from former government contracts, these top notch gloves are an absolute treasure trove at a bargain! With limited availability, we're able to extend the savings to you! 

Top notch gloves for those involved with lines of work where things get "spicy" from time to time. These outstanding short gloves from Outdoor Research are constructed with the same high level of engineering thought behind the anatomy of your hand, plus the added benefit of fire resistance. Despite being quite stretchy and comfortable to wear, they're remarkably tough with an overkill kevlar stitching throughout the glove. These gloves are perfect for military personnel, firefighters, and hardcore BBQ enthusiasts!

  • Fire resistant stretch Nomex material, easily put on with added pull loop
  • Unbelievably tough, ballistic kevlar stitching
  • Strategically placed leather padding for solid weapons/BBQ tong manipulation, while maintaining glove ventilation
  • Top of the line anatomically correct design to fit the contours of your hand perfectly
Sizing Guide:
  • Extra Large: 4 - 4.5 inches from the base of the pinky to the index finger
  • Extra Extra Large: 4-5 - 5 inches from the base of the pinky to the index finger
Given that these were all surplused out from government contracts, they are only available in size "Extra Large  and "Extra Extra Large". However the gloves are still brand spankin' new and will be shipped with their original tags and packaging.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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