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Ontario™ 8155 M3 Trench Knife

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The Mk. 3 “Trench Knife” or “Fighting Knife” was first issued to US forces engaged in the Second World War in March of 1943. It was intended initial for elite troops such as paratroopers and Rangers, as a fighting knife. It soon found use with other servicemen, particularly those issued carbines and submachine guns which did not have bayonet lugs. By the end of the war, the knife had become popular not only with elite troops, but also armoured soldiers, air crew, radiomen and squad leaders.

Ontario Knife Company has faithfully reproduced this incredible fighting knife to the specifications of the blade carried by US soldiers during the Second World War.


  • Weight: 0.56lb

  • Blade Length: 7 inches

  • Steel: 1095 carbon steel

  • Blade Thickness: 0.19 inches

  • Vintage Operator Value: Extreme

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